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November Board Meeting

The ECIA along with its board and council met on the 1st of November in the Caledonian Club in Belgravia, London. An external location provides a great opportunity for all of the member companies to take time out of the daily grind of their current roles and the challenges faced in those roles and focus on several key issues that are a uniform challenge for all of the member companies alike. Some of the most experienced and senior people in the Engineering and Construction industry in the UK attended. This can provide insight, focus and agreement on the best ways to manage industry-wide issues, such as Training, Skills and Labour shortages and other widely felt challenges of the industry.

Several guest speakers also attended to provide further insight and information such as a senior representative from Paydata. A company specialising in reward management, which has helped many customers successfully fine-tune their reward and HR approach for over 20 years. 

External engagement ensures that member companies are informed of the latest changes in the industry. This also provides another source of important data to allow our member companies to make informed and up-to-date decisions.

The meeting was very well attended and provided a great platform to continue to increase the communication and best practices in the Engineering and Construction Industry.