Member Services

The ECIA is a member led association that provides a collective voice for employers within the Engineering Construction Industry. The Association works with all stakeholders to encourage good Industrial Relations and safe, productive working leading to the successful delivery of projects to Clients. It is underpinned by the NAECI, an effective and transparent framework that aids members in achieving their program safely, on time and on budget.

We offer our members a range of services that help with efficiency improvement of projects within the engineering construction sector and lead to more transparent and effective industry relations.


ECIA are a signatory to the NAECI, which provides members with access to an effective and transparent “off the peg” employment framework that aids you in achieving programmes safely, on time and on budget;

  • Unrestricted access to the complete package of terms and conditions for a safe and productive workforce
  • A framework to drive and support stable Industrial Relations
  • Welplan welfare benefits
  • Tax dispensations around travel and lodging (i.e. taxfree payments agreed with HMRC)
Construction worker cutting an iron beam.

Support & Advice

A worker works inside a pipe on a pipeline construction

We have dedicated professionals to help prevent and resolve disputes related to industrial relations

  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of  employment
  • Dedicated support on industrial relations issues from regional specialists
  • Representation at Dispute Resolution and Dismissal appeal meetings
  • Support and advice on tax-related queries

Industry Influence

We facilitate platforms to help members shape the industry whilst establishing the right industry connections

  • Coordination and representation of members’ interests
  • Networking with relevant decision-makers through ECIA’s relationship with key stakeholders
  • Opportunity to influence industry standards and strategy
  • A chance to participate in specialist Committees, Councils and Work Groups that help to shape the industry
  • Promotion and sharing of our members’ achievements via our media platforms
Heating Plant Worker Adjusting Pressure In Boiling Water Pipes During Winter Season.


Ecia Memberservices 4

We monitor the industry and help you stay up-to-date with the latest intelligence

  • Regular briefings and communiques detailing legislative and industry developments
  • Monthly JTC Tax newsletter
  • Access to the award winning  productivity Improvement Best Practice Guides and  resource library
  • Online member directory
  • Practical and industry relevant presentations and seminars


We offer a range of free or reduced-rate events to members. Non-members are invited to enquire however may be required to pay a fee.

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Become A Member

To take advantage of the benefits of membership and support the organisation that represents the interests of the ECI in the UK along with mobilisation licensing we hope that you will join our association.

Please note mobilisation to ANY NAECI project will require you to have an ECIA membership in place. Failure to do so will result in delays in start times to your deployment on site.

There are several membership options explained below in our download so please read through carefully. Once you are sure that you have read and understood the cost implication please complete the form to formally request your ECIA application pack.