A strong, healthy and positive Industrial Relations climate makes an enormous contribution towards a successful project. Where accepted management and supervisory control provide some resource, additional support in the form of a recognised and agreed set of working terms and conditions can be a catalyst.

To this end, UK Employer’s Associations and recognised Trade Unions collectively bargained to create the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction industry – NAECI. A ‘ level playing field ‘ on which employers and employees operate within a framework that enables differing contractors employing people with differing skills and trades to work in harmony towards a common goal.

The Agreement is designed for use in the Energy and Petrochemical industries. It is applicable to large and small projects together with repair and maintenance work and is overseen and updated, to reflect modern environments and economic changes, by its National Joint Council ( NJC ).

The National Joint Council ( NJC ) has produced Guidance Notes to provide further information on the NAECI Agreement. If you require forther support please contact us directly.

Signatory Parties

The signatory parties to the NAECI are:

For the Employers

For the Trade Unions