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John Simpson is celebrating 1 year as an ECIA MD

Reflecting on the past year with the ECIA, it has been immensely fulfilling. It certainly has not been without its challenges; however, it feels as if we are taking strides forward. My personal highlights have been building and reshaping the ECIA team to be fit for the future. Meeting many of the member companies and visiting the clients’ sites. The challenges that the ECIA provides are truly unique.

The industry is at a very pivotal moment in time. For decades we have honed our skills in building power stations, oil refineries, energy from waste plants and worked repair and maintenance programs on nuclear facilities and all types of industry. Some of these in parts will not be built again in the future, certainly not without carbon capture.

We look to a future where, carbon capture retrofit, various Hydrogen plants and renewable forms of energy will become the mainstay of the Engineering / Construction industry. The future will provide change and lots of opportunities to learn and grow as the industry evolves for a new greener tomorrow.

The ECIA and the NAECI will be central in this change, and I look forward to the challenge this poses.