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Shanahan Engineering Ltd

With extensive expertise across the entire project life cycle, Shanahan Engineering deliver power
plant Project & Construction Management, Consultancy, Manpower/Field Services & full
commissioning services.  We manage power generation projects for a variety of clients & power
plant types, including Combined Cycle & Co-Generation, Open Cycle, Steam Power Plants and
Reciprocating Engines.
Providing a comprehensive programme to install & commission a variety of power plants with our
skilled personnel trained on our programmes, we hit the ground running at all stages of a power
plant’s construction & O&M phases to provide fast, competent innovative solutions, including
when we are brought in to salvage ‘Distressed Projects’.
Our multi-skilled team, combined with a wide-ranging database of experienced resources, we
always have the best people for the job. They are deployed quickly & bring value to your projects
immediately. By cultivating a culture of collaboration & belonging, we have established
ourselves as an employer of choice.
In our 44 years in the industry, we’ve earned a reputation for being a trusted partner & skilled
consultant. Continually learning & adapting, we remain at the forefront of power project
innovation, by introducing new methodologies and adapting best practices from other