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Engenda Group Ltd

As a one-stop shop, Engenda Group can provide an integrated end-to-end solution for the delivery of essential outsourced engineering services within the Power, Refining, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Infrastructures sectors, both in the UK and overseas.
Engenda Group can be trusted to deliver high-quality, technically advanced, specified equipment and facilities on time and within budget. Engenda Group prides itself on being an organisation powered by innovation, founded on a reputation of trust, integrity and ethical business practices.
As engineers, Engenda Group understand the importance of your business values. Our people, tools and processes are aimed at ‘Engineering Change’, with fit-for-purpose solutions that carefully consider our customers’ capability and constraints to establish the required levels of external support.
Engenda Group work to deliver optimum solutions achieving reductions in fixed costs, plus improvements in asset availability and life cycle cost performance. Our team can provide support in developing a maintenance strategy and associated implementation plan. We can provide the necessary support to deliver planned outages, bringing maintenance practices and operations together with industry best practices.