ECIA - Engineering Construction Industry Association

Engineering Construction Industry Association


The National Joint Council is the forum in which the signatory parties to the NAECI (the Employer Associations and the Trades Unions) meet. The full Council meets formally three times a year, with a smaller Executive Committee being held a further three times per annum.

The NJC has the ultimate responsibility for determining all future revisions of the NAECI, as well as for interpreting its terms and providing guidance to assisting in the correct application of those terms. The NJC also issue formal Guidance Notes to clarify certain aspects of the NAECI and assist in its application.

The NJC has an Executive Chairman and Regional Operations Managers who attend Project Joint Councils and Site Forums on existing facilities with ongoing repair and maintenance operations. The NJC staff operate the NAECI’s Dispute Adjudication procedure and the Dismissal Arbitration procedure (and they attend Stage 3 and 4 panels).

Further information, including Guidance Notes and NAECI-related forms, can be found on the NJC website

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