ECIA - Engineering Construction Industry Association

Engineering Construction Industry Association

Projects: realising commitment to working with the NAECI

The following work, anywhere in the United Kingdom mainland or otherwise as agreed by the NJC, carried out on site by contractors in membership of the signatory employers' associations shall be included within the scope of the NAECI provided the use of this national collective agreement (NAECI) is restricted to the signatory employers' associations, trades unions and their respective members employed on NAECI Registered work.

Contractors and their employees operating on NAECI Registered work will have access to the full provisions of NAECI including the use of Disputes and Grievance procedures and will qualify for access to the NAECI's long standing HMRC taxation treatment arrangements for travel expenses and accommodation.

Provided the work is registered in advance with the NJC, the following shall be included within the scope of NAECI:

(i) Engineering construction projects Structural steel erection, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and insulation

engineering construction project work (and scaffolding and cranage in support of such work) on onshore engineering construction facilities, and expert dismantling of such facilities.

For the avoidance of doubt, below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of projects and sites that have been, or could be, in-scope to NAECI: Power generation (gas, coal, nuclear, oil, hydro-electric, tidal, biomass, energy from waste and renewables, solar and wind), Battery Storage, Refineries (oil and bioethanol), Petro-chemicals, Fine chemicals, Steel works, Food processing, Bridges, Sports stadia and Airport terminals.

(ii) Repair and maintenance

Repair, maintenance and minor modification work on onshore engineering construction facilities, except where the client decides that such work should not be included within scope.

(iii) Events

Short-term, high-intensity shut-down or turnaround based work on onshore engineering construction facilities where a long term Repair and Maintenance Agreement may or may not be in place.: CORE TERMS AND CONDITIONS | PAGE 8

(iv) Other work

Minor engineering construction projects, repair and maintenance or other activities normally classified as engineering construction work or where the client gives work to a NAECI contractor which registers that work or where signatory companies on any engineering construction activity are utilising the NAECI.

(b) Nuclear new build

A joint Working Party to consider appropriate working arrangements on nuclear new build and a nuclear supplementary payment will be developed at an appropriate time to be agreed by the NJC.

(c) Nuclear decommissioning

The NAECI is well suited for use in nuclear decommissioning where the skills and expertise of engineering construction contractors and their employees can make a valuable contribution. The work should be classified under 1.4(a)(i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) as appropriate.

(d) Specific scope provisions

Detailed provisions covering specific in-scope and out-of-scope activities on a particular project, site or event are to be included in any local agreement made under NAECI 20.3, subject to NJC approval and compatibility with (a) above.