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Procedures Manual

Background and assumptions

Each of the seven Best Practice Guides published to date individually addresses an area of concern within the Engineering Construction Industry and attempts to offer best practice thinking and actions to overcome the barriers to productivity that can occur. An Assessment Tool has also been published to help members check their status for different project activities and assess how they are implementing best practice.

This booklet is a collection of basic high-level procedures that are aimed at helping members to adopt a culture of best practice. More detailed procedures can then be created by readers referring to the Best Practice Guides, which are referenced in each procedure.


As a start point, it is assumed that basic design has been undertaken and
the scope has been defined (using Front End Engineering Design (FEED) where appropriate) and there is readiness to proceed with detailedengineering design, followed by procurement and construction.


The Project Execution Plan is considered the overarching plan for a project and it includes and references all other project plans


Procedures Manual

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