ECIA - Engineering Construction Industry Association

Engineering Construction Industry Association

Management Board

The Management Board shall oversee the work of the Association’s Managing Director, staff and committees and the implementation of the Association’s policies and its own and Council’s decisions. The Management Board shall recommend for the approval of the Council the rates and levels of all subscriptions, fees and levies to be paid by member firms. It shall meet as and when it requires (up to ten times a year) and may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership including any failure or delay in the appointment or election of any of its members or in the reporting of any such appointment or election. Decisions of the Management Board must be supported by a simple majority of those Management Board members with voting rights who are present at the meeting. A quorum for a meeting shall be not less than five voting members including at least one of the office bearers listed in Article 16. The President shall act as chairman of the Management Board, provided that in his absence the chair will be taken by one of the office bearers present.

A list of current officers can be obtained by contacting the ECIA offices directly.