ECIA - Engineering Construction Industry Association

Engineering Construction Industry Association

Health & Safety Executive

ECIA are well placed to influence key stakeholders in the HS&E field and contribute to the development of policies which are of benefit to the Engineering Construction sector as a whole. ECIA are members of a number of HSE (Health and Safety Executive) stakeholder groups including e.g. CONIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Committee) and CONIAN ( Construction industry Advisory Network), HSE’s Healthy Lung partnership and the HSE Small Business Trade Association Forum (SBTAF).


ECIA regularly comment on government consultative documents which often have the potential to place new or additional requirements on the Engineering Construction sector. Our responses to government are member led and are driven by the ECIA HS&E Committee which meets five times a year. All ECIA members are welcome to participate in the work of the HS&E committee and help the ECIA influence and shape government policy for our sector.


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