ECIA Stats 2016

We have finalized collation of data from ECIA member companies for January to ecember 2016. In 2015 we recorded a rate of 102 reportable injuries per 100,000 employees. That was a record low. In 2016 it was 88/100,000. So once again a new record and once again a performance in the order of 3 times lower than that for construction overall.

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This performance has come during very challenging commercial times. Some might assume that those sorts of pressures might encourage corners to be cut, but these figures suggest that is probably not the case amongst ECIA members working in the engineering construction sector. This is good news, but it is not a reason for complacency. Proportionately we saw an increase in the share of injuries involving people ‘bumping into things' or being hit by a falling object. When taken together with the substantial share of slips and trips, readers may consider attention to housekeeping standards, which are often at the root of such incidents.        


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