Telephone helpline

All ECIA member companies are entitled to free telephone advice on environmental issues.

ECIA has arranged for this service to be provided by Redhills who are one of the UK’s leading environmental consultancy companies. They provide genuinely comprehensive nationwide coverage. Click here to visit their website.

The number for ECIA member companies to ring is 0800 804 8097.

If you need to email them the relevant email address is ecia@redhills.co.uk.

When you ring them they will need to confirm your membership status, so it will be helpful if you have your membership number to hand and to make sure you give them the correct company member name (especially if your company is one of a group made up of different organisations some of who are and some who are not ECIA members).

Free advice will be available from environmental professionals on the following typical topics

  • Asbestos – the degree of  risk, requirements, emergency situations, legal compliance and compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations;
  • Water – water management, Legionella, risk factors, legal compliance and emergency situations;
  • Waste – waste storage, carriage, consignment and control and hazardous waste;
  • Hazardous materials – anthrax, lead, chemicals gases etc;
  • Air – air quality inside buildings and occupational hygiene requirements; and
  • Anything else environmental!

Preferential consultancy rates

If you have a more complex query it may need more than telephone advice to resolve. ECIA has negotiated an average 18% reduction of Redhill’s normal rates for consultancy services provided to ECIA member companies. Click here for a typical case study example of the type of consultancy support that can be provided

If you want to discuss consultancy services with Redhills, contact them using the same number as above and again be prepared to confirm your membership status in order to enable the discussion to progress.

Please note that if you do use this service, ECIA will not be a contributor to it and invoicing will be dealt with solely between you and Redhills.

More information and FAQ
Redhills will also be providing us with news items on environmental matters which will be updated from time to time. To view the latest information click on the links below:

Asbestos Compliance
Control of Asbestos Regulations - HSE proposed changes

There is also a bank of answers to most frequently asked questions on typical environmental issues. Click here to access it.

Contact ECIA

If you use these member benefits we would welcome feedback on your experiences so that we can pass it back to Redhills. Click here to send a message to us or phone Richard Ash on 020 7799 2000


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