Leading indicators for health and safety

For many years ECIA has sought information from its members on injuries that have occurred in the past (lagging indicators). This initiative is all about seeking data on action taken to prevent them happening in the future (leading indicators).

After long and detailed discussion with its members, ECIA has identified five separate measures dealing with:

  • Senior management interventions
  • Supervisor training
  • Close-out rates
  • Overall training investment
  • Practical and relevant workplace briefings

Click here for guidance and more detailed information on what these measures involve.

ECIA invites its members to sign up to gathering this data and providing it to us so that we can develop industry wide key performance indicators KPIs against which companies can measure their own achievements. Click here for an application form. (N.B. all information will be received in strictest confidence. We will only publish anonymised collective data).

In the early stages we will be gathering data. Once it has been collected we will then be able to calculate and  publish industry wide KPIs which will subsequently be updated as new data is received.

We have developed these indicators mindful of HSE’s clear strategy to move away from more traditional site inspections and more towards challenging H&S leadership amongst senior managers of organisations involved in engineering construction work. HSE inspectors will make up their own minds about what they seek in this respect, but if senior managers adopt and actively use leading indicators, that would seem to reflect the sort of leadership climate that the regulator would welcome.


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